SHOUT PITTSBURGH! – 2020 Public Art Program

The F. Dok Initiative is pleased to announce its first program of 2020: SHOUT PITTSBURGH! which will fund public art throughout the Pittsburgh region.  The program offers 20 grants of $2,500 to cover materials along with a stipend for the artist. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 31st, 2020.

Our goal is to empower Pittsburgh artists to share their work with our neighbors across Greater Pittsburgh.  We ask that the artist answers this question:


That’s about it in terms of guidelines – while murals are what we had in mind when creating this program, all forms of installation art will be considered. 

We want to beautify the city with creations that celebrate individual, ethnic, and cultural diversity, highlight Pittsburgh’s scientific and sports supremacy, and encourage kindness between all Pittsburghers.  Let’s talk about Pittsburgh and make it LOUD!

Please Apply Here!

Fine Print:

  • The F. Dok Initiative is offering up to 20 grants of $2,500 a piece to artists for the creation of public art. 
  • The F. Dok Initiative retains all decision making authority about which grant applications are approved.  All grant applications are property of The F. Dok Initiative.
  • If the artist is under 18 years of age their parent or legal guardian must submit the grant application.
  • The artist must locate and secure the location for the art installation, and the owner of the property must fill out and sign our property release for the grant application to be approved.  We encourage grant applicants to locate their projects around the Pittsburgh region. 
  • The F. Dok Initiative may request visual depictions of the finished work from applicants.
  • All applications shall include a calendar of expected progress and project milestones which will be used to release grant funding.  When an application is approved, an initial grant of $500 will be made to cover materials.  The remaining portions of the grant will be released according to the milestone calendar included with the grant application. 
  • The artist will grant the F. Dok Initiative the right to use photographs, videos, or other media representations or reproductions of the work in a non-commercial manner to publicize the F. Dok Initiative, the Public Art Program, SHOUT PITTSBURGH!, and/or other programs run by the F. Dok Initiative.